Empowering British Army soldiers to execute a structured training plan, even at distance and during sustained periods of detachment.

Encompassed by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), the British Army and its highly trained soldiers are ready to deploy globally at any time to meet a variety of challenges. With a relentless pursuit of perfection when it comes to soldier fitness, the British Army vow to provide their teams with the very best physical and mental training from day one. 

With a view to provide an intuitive personal training application, Netcompany began working to integrate the Army Fitness solution for over 100,000 front line and reservist soldiers on their personal devices. 

Delivering personal training programmes to each user, designed with available equipment in mind and physical preparedness such as known injuries, Army Fitness empowers soldiers to train anywhere in the world in full compliance with MoD Policy and the Army Physical Training System.

The Army Fitness application generates a constant feedback loop to the user’s allocated Physical Training Instructor (PTI), sending real-time progress updates and sharing insights relating to each individual soldier’s mental health.



  • Training schedules managed, and achieved, at a distance while still providing personalised support - enabling optimal conditioning of each soldier while keeping units in close contact with the army too
  • Built for ease-of-use, serving as an intuitive and highly adaptable app catered to the individual user’s needs by assessing factors such as injuries and their role in the life cycle of training
  • Easy for PTIs to adapt and manage training programmes, exercises, and injury association, further increasing the value and benefit of each user's training plan


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Andrew Carroll