Building strong,
sustainable societies

We believe that as a responsible IT partner, we can help make a real difference to socie­ties, businesses, the environment and our common future.

Building stronger, more sustainable societies for generations to come

By using digitisation to connect people, societies and businesses, we push forward the digital transformation. Our solutions help society’s vital institutions solve challenges and find new, better ways – ultimately affecting the way you live your life.

Our sustainability drivers

Our sustainability approach is centred around three material topics that drive our commitment to enable societies in creating a sustainable and fast digital transition. We identified our material pillars through a double materiality assessment of risks, opportunities and responsibilities as defined through stakeholder interviews, data and market research.

Offering development and equal opportunities for all

  • Promote gender diversity
  • Ensure a healthy and inclusive work environment
  • Develop stronger digital skills and talents

Finding greener solutions to how we operate

  • Reduce our carbon footprint
  • Integrate circularity in our operations

Enabling a sustainable digital transition

  • Enable our customers to take action on climate
  • Develop IT solutions for positive societal impact
  • Empower individuals

Reports and Policies

Explore our reports and policies incl. Remuneration Policy, Diversity & Inclusion Policy, Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption Policy, and Data Ethics Policy.