Purpose & Vision

Sustainable, prosperous societies driven by digitisation

At Netcompany, we harness the power of digitisation to help businesses and societies succeed in the digital age and ensure that we build the framework for a just, sustainable future and success in a digital world - empowering people to live a free and prosperous life.

People bustling about in a busy cityscape

This puts great responsibility on us as a company, and we believe that true success can be achieved only if we achieve it collectively. To this end, we constantly advance the digitisation agenda and support the digital upskilling and education of customer employees and citizens alike - so that everyone we influence may be better positioned to succeed in the digital age.


Overcoming society’s most pressing issues

We believe that digitisation is key to meeting the challenges we face as a global community, whether caused by political forces, climate change, or unforeseen pandemics.

The societies and businesses that seize the new digital opportunities will prosper in the future. If we do it right, we will hand over a society to our coming generations that both we and they can be proud of. A society where innovation, growth, welfare, sustainability and political stability go hand in hand.

Building the foundation for our future

We have created a set of core principles to guide our actions, helping us to build strong, sustainable societies, successful companies and, ultimately, creating better lives for us all.

The leading digital challenger in Europe

Our vision for Netcompany is to become a European leader in how digital transformation can create strong, sustainable societies, successful companies and improve the quality of life for all.

By engaging in close partnerships with our customers, we deliver complex projects that set the standard for IT services, continuously delivering on the value of technology.