Netcompany PULSE

A real-time data engine that drives growth

PULSE is a control tower for a real-time data ecosystem that allows businesses to share and act on a single source of truth. It facilitates adaptable planning and forecasting in changing circumstances, breaking down silos and providing a single view of plan, execution, and results.​

The why

We all know the feeling: the world runs by in real-time; Our plans do not. Call that the latency problem. Much of reality also happens outside of our field of vision. Call that the small world problem.

Most of the time, businesses make decisions in small worlds full of latency.

PULSE is our solution to the problems associated with working in small worlds full of latency – it turns the volatile, entangled nature of the world into an asset.

By leveraging real-time data, PULSE solves the latency problem.

By leveraging distributed data, PULSE solves the small-world problem – all on a single platform.

The result is in-sync, distributed decision-making across your organization.

What is in the box?

Integrations Platform


Integrate easily to your existing system landscape using high quality, well-documented APIs.

  • Single integration gateway
  • Multiple inbound and outbound integration types
  • Governance and full traceability on all integrations

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