Organisational implementation

At Netcompany, we are passionate about IT and the IT solutions we develop. Therefore, it means a lot to us, that our solutions work and are used to fulfill the complete business case for our customers. We believe that the profit realisation is about functionality, technical implementation AND organisational implementation.

We have the skills to help our customers gain full benifits realisation from their solutions by focusing on system education, process optimising and Change Management. 

How IT is used is crucial to the outcome it will create for the organisation that it is implemented in. It goes without saying that organisational implementation should be naturally integrated into every part of the IT-project.  

We plan and perform the implementation with deep roots in the technical solution, project plan, organisation and method. The implementation is conducted by consultants who have a great technical understanding and who share the same methods, goals and values as the rest of the project team.  

The implementation ensures that the new IT-solution not only works and is ready for use, but also that the users and organisation are ready to use the new solution in the way which provides the best business value. 

Focus areas
Goals Examples of delivered solutions
Profit realisation Specific, realistic, achievable goals for the organisational implementation – guaranteed follow-up

Create synergy between the project and other relevant development initiatives in the organisation

Handling of risks from the world at large. 
Goals and progress follow-up

Activity plan to ensure synergy from other development initiatives

Risk log and risk management with a focus on risk from outside forces.
Education and help texts Ensure users have the skills in commissioning 

Offer help built into the solution, easily accessible and easily understood for the relevant user groups
Education plan

Study material

Training of users, super users, administrators, management, etc. 

E-learning modules, 

User and administrator guidelines

Unique easy-to-read help texts built into the system

Instructional videos

Process optimising and change management 
Adjust tasks and processes in relation to the opportunities that the new IT solution provides (higher productivity, better case management, increased customer satisfaction) 

Create motivation and confidence around the deployment of the new solution

Ensure strong management support for the solution and a personal commitment to a successful deployment 
End-to-end process analysation (as-is and to-be)

Communication plan

Communication products (Slides, intranet texts, key-notes etc.)

Rollout organisation 
Support organisation for users around, and after, go-live

Create a space for collection of input from users about the new solution after the first period
Facilitation of a super user network

Super user role description 

Mechanical feedback to input from the "first time"

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