Netcompany will be the Norwegian Medicines Agency's digitalization partner in the development of a new digital platform.

The Norwegian Medicines Agency has completed the acquisition of a new digital platform and has chosen Netcompany Norway as a strategic business partner.

The Norwegian Medicines Agency must ensure good quality when handling medicines and that medicines get the lowest possible price. They shall ensure that the population has equal and fast access to effective medicines and be a professional and supervisory authority for medical equipment. The Norwegian Medicines Agency will also facilitate research and innovation in these areas.

In order to be able to offer these tasks in the best possible way, the Norwegian Medicines Agency considered it necessary to acquire a new digital platform that will strengthen cooperation and interaction with European authorities, improve internal case handling and make information to the health service more accessible.

Director Audun Hågå hopes that this will be much more than the acquisition of a new program or system:

-This is a digital milestone and could be historic for the Norwegian Medicines Agency. The project has already had an impact on principles in the new strategy, it will be user-centered and have ongoing priorities, Hågå continues.

”This is a digital milestone and could be historic for the Norwegian Medicines Agency. Our data is our gold, we are data-centric, and making our data available for our users, it will create value to the users”

Audun Hågå, Diretor in The Norwegian Medicines Agency Norway

André Rogaczewski CEO Netcompany og Thomas Bælum Direktør Aab

Geir Arne Olsen, Country Managing Partner Netcompany Norway and Audun Hågå,Director The Norwegian Medicines Agency

Shows strategic understanding

After a thorough tender process, the partner became Netcompany Norway AS, which is part of the Danish concern Netcompany. The contract has a value of around NOK 200 million.

- Our data is our gold, we are data-centric, and making our data available for our users, it will create value to the users, Hågå continues. - In Netcompany, we have found a strategic partner who understands our role and can help us meet our users in the best possible way.

Geir Arne Olsen, Country Manager in Netcompany Norway, describes the tender process as a marathon that ultimately ended with a solid vitamin injection for the company's investment in govtech solutions for the public sector in Norway.

”This is a tender, that we are very proud to have won. The Norwegian Medicines Agency has an essential job for the Norwegian society, so we look forward to fulfilling the ambitions they have for this platform and being the long-term digitization partner, they have been looking for.”

Geir Arne Olsen, Country Manager in Netcompany Norway
Experience from Denmark

Geir Arne Olsen is convinced that the experiences and knowledge they have from Denmark, where Netcompany has been the Danish Medicines Agency's digitalization partner for several years, gave them an advantage over the competitors in the tender.

Besides, Olsen thinks it is gratifying that Netcompany is referred for regarding the support systems and IT solutions that the Norwegian Medicines Agency will continue to use, as well as for taking full responsibility for training in the new platform.

- All this is at the heart of what we are focus on when it comes to delivering solutions that will digitize the public sector. Instead of building cumbersome and limited solutions, we use building blocks and references we already have. We like to take our starting point in what is used before, connect to new systems, and adapt it to the customers’ needs - without spending years and days. Then we focus on transferring our expertise to the customer, so that they become experts at using their solutions, and we can put energy into identifying what the next digitization step should be, Olsen says.


About Netcompany

Netcompany was founded in 2000 and has its headquarters in Copenhagen Denmark. Today, we are an international company with more than 7400 employees working from 17 countries. We serve a wide array of customers in their digital transformation journeys in public and private sectors across Europe.

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