Smarter Airports: Take off for the world’s truly data-driven platform for Total Airport Management

Smarter Airports is now ready to set the new standard for airport operational systems. Today, Smarter Airports will start introducing the new state-of-the-art platform for truly data-driven airport operation to every airport seeking to jump start development and grasp the full potential and business opportunities in an increasingly digitalized and ever-changing world.

Airports face rapidly increasing demand to be customer focused, efficient, agile, adaptive and flexible in all aspects. The solution to adapt successfully is called AIRHART - a pioneering approach to total airport management ensuring airports across the world a competitive edge in an ever-changing environment. AIRHART is the platform providing one point of reference across all airport stakeholders for improving customer experience, enhancing safety while reducing complexity and costs.

Christian Poulsen, CPH 
"AIRHART will enable airports to respond to the accelerating pace of business change and provide opportunity to successfully innovate and meet the requirements of tomorrow for efficient and sustainable airport operations
- Christian Poulsen, COO & CIO, CPH Airports
A future-proof platform responding to rapid change and individual needs
The module-based AIRHART platform is designed for change. The platform is accessible, flexible, and modular allowing airports to respond to changes swiftly and smoothly. AIRHART consist of a core which, in combination with high-quality business specific modules and potential airport individual functionality, provide an innovative end-to-end airport solution tailored to fit individual needs.

Mehdi Motaghiani, Netcompany"We believe there is a strong desire by the players in the aviation industry to be released from old, locked legacy systems and inflexible standard solutions. The industry is looking for and moving towards agile, future-proof systems, based on open platform components that ensure full flexibility and opportunity for ongoing innovation".
- Mehdi Motaghiani, Director, Smarter Airports & Principal, Netcompany

A successful airport - a data-driven airport
Data are and will increasingly be key to make intelligent, fact-based and in the end effective decisions. Combining increased data availability with intelligent use and sharing will make us smarter. Intelligence and decision making must be empowered by data. Utilizing data, the best possible way will result in enhanced response to real-time events, improve planning and ability to adapt to change.
"Today, having a strong and flexible digital platform at the heart of any business is vital. Our total airport management platform, AIRHART, will not only guarantee stable, safe and transparent operations, but also be instrumental in optimising the airport based on insights into events and data. Data is a fundamental part of our solution and will be a valuable tool in building a more sustainable and efficient airport operating on the basis of intelligent data analysis".


Christian Poulsen, COO & CIO, CPH Airports

We win together – securing an end-to-end implementation
Vital for securing top quality project deliveries is a close partnership. Airports teaming up with Smarter Airports don’t just get access to a state-of-the-art platform but, will also engage with a world-class innovation and implementation partner. Our approach is based on industry best practices in all aspects – aviation safety, organizational, human and technical factors. The Smarter Airports team take full responsibility for ensuring integration, end-to-end implementation, configuration and organisational change management in order to deliver a successful digital transformation.
Join our Prime Partner Community – best of IT meets the best of airports
The birth of AIRHART is a collaborative effort between the best of IT and the best of airports. CPH and Netcompany are leading within their respective fields, but we want AIRHART to be a product tailored and truly developed for airports to fit their individual business needs.

Therefore, we invite airport operators to join us in developing AIRHART further as part of our Prime Partner Community. As a Prime Partner you are offered unique insight into AIRHART development – architecture and business processes, influence regarding product functionality and much more.

With the input and collaboration of not just one, but multiple leading airport operators, we will develop the world’s leading platform for Total Airport Management.
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Smarter Airports - Build for change

AIRHART – a tribute to Amelia Earhart

The platform has been named AIRHART as a tribute to Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Earhart was a pioneer within aviation and AIRHART will be built on the same pioneering principles setting new standards for the entire airport industry.

Go explore the platform.

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