Diversity and inclusion

We want to support a culture in which all employees treat each other – and everyone involved in our business – with personal and professional respect.

Our aspiration for diversity and inclusion is anchored in three pillars: Diverse talent, Equal opportunities, Inclusive culture.

These three pillars guide how we approach and support the integration of diversity and inclusion in our core processes where possible, and they ensure that we can increase awareness and secure focus on creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Diverse talent

It is our objective to have as many skilled candidates as possible, of any social identity and with a broad array of experiences, to choose from when filling positions, including management positions. In 2021, we have increased our focus on attracting and retaining women in Netcompany. One of our initiatives includes having 50/50 representation between male and female consultants representing Netcompany at career fairs in Denmark. A key focus of 2022 will be to improve our efforts on appealing to and retaining women in Netcompany.

Additionally in 2021, we increased our focus on neutral wording in job ads and our employer branding communication. By using inclusive writing and avoiding biased and stereotypical words, we can attract a wider pool of candidates who identify with the job and company description, enabling us to find a better match for the position.

Equal opportunities

Netcompany focuses on creating an attractive working environment which promotes equal career opportunities for all employees regardless of social identity. Through our global internal career development program, Netcompany Academy, and our global performance and progression processes, we make sure that all our people are treated equally and are offered similar opportunities across locations. We have transparent promotion processes where it is experience and qualifications that determines the salary level, and equal pay is given for equal work.

In 2021, we have reached our target for having more women in management positions (titled manager, principal or partner). We will continue to make strides towards increasing the number of women in management positions, acknowledging that this is a societal obligation as well as a business opportunity.

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Inclusive culture

Netcompany is a people’s business. It is our employees who make what we do possible and allow us to deliver on our purpose – to build strong, sustainable societies around the world. This requires a culture of inclusion where all employees feel supported, valued, and enabled to be their best.

Diversity & Inclusion policy