As part of Netcompany’s Travelling Policy all employees are encouraged to minimise the use of modes of transport that are dependent on fossil fuels.

To this end we have also installed tele and video communication solutions at all of Netcompany’s offices allowing personnel to make contact with customers and other Netcompany employees from afar, without having to spend time and fossil fuels on travelling. Netcompany’s offices are also located in the city centres, making it much easier for employees and customers to commute via public transportation.

In addition to the above, Netcompany in Denmark, Poland, and Vietnam make bicycles available to the employees to be used for business meetings close by, just as Netcompany in Denmark offers all employees a travelling card for public transportation. Whenever travelling is required, the transportation method is chosen based on the local infra-structure, the environmental output, and any significant interests of Netcompany.