Eco-friendly office initiatives

We will enable a more sustainable planet and business operation by continuously maintaining and upscaling our sustainable office initiatives.
Across Netcompany entities, we have integrated and adhered to the following waste management activities:

Repurposing our office furniture
We aim to resell, donate or sustainably dispose of our office furniture across all offices when it is no longer needed. We have donated furniture to Netcompany employees, students, and professional partners.

Sustainable garbage disposal
We have structured our garbage sorting at our offices to increase the share of waste to be recycled.

Say goodbye to plastic campaign 
We have said goodbye to plastic across the majority of our offices to move into a reusable and environmentally friendly era at Netcompany.

Fighting food waste
We want to take part in the fight against food waste, so we have implemented initiatives to combat food waste in our offices. Some offices offer employees the opportunity to take home any leftovers from the canteen, while others repurpose leftovers for lunch the following day.

Saving water
To mitigate our water consumption, we have implemented several initiatives across our offices, such as installing movement censors on lavatory taps, installing flush and dual flush toilets and mindfully reminding our employees to use water consciously.