Case and Document Management

Get results with improved collaboration and obtain easy profits through increased growth, customer satisfaction or better services.

GetOrganized is a solution from Netcompany that supports and motivates organisations to increase collaboration and develop more efficient business processes. Impartial market analysis of GetOrganized in the “Case and Document Management Report 2015” from Devoteam, highlighted GetOrganized as being at the forefront of the latest trends for document management and collaboration optimisation tools. It scored highly against criteria for ease of use, mobility, collaboration and process support.

GetOrganized is a leader in both the private and public sectors. Some of its customers include large government organisations as well as global enterprises. The solution is versatile and can be used in many ways - for document, case and project management, HR and staff development, contract and procurement management, meeting agenda processes as well as business processes such as fund management.


The Bigger Picture

We have a unique APP-concept that, through a simple and flexible configuration, provides the ability for support of all the important core processes for an organisation, regardless of whether it's large projects or more common cases, or handling customer inquiries, members or citizens.

Collaboration and mobility

The solution is user-friendly, intuitive and interacts with common office programs, e.g.: Microsoft Word and Outlook – so the benefits are easily obtained without a large learning curve. 
GetOrganized is based on Microsoft SharePoint and office tools, e.g., Microsoft Office, Outlook, Yammer and Skype for Business, for increased flexibility and mobility.


GetOrganized not only helps maintain an overview of daily tasks through oversight, e.g., ”My tasks, documents and cases”, but also creates a collective overview, so you can evaluate and develop as an organisation. This provides qualified decisiveness and innovation.

Success in the public sector

At Danish municipality, Gentofte, "business as usual" is long gone. GetOrganized has establised a platform that unites the intranet, electronic document and records management system and collaboration under the slogan “universal collaboration”. It is an innovative paradigm shift for work in the municipal sector - but Netcompany also cooperates with the wider public in the ongoing modernisation of the State, agencies and regions.

The Danish Working Environment Authority has improved their processes and increased efficiencies using GetOrganized, and Netcompany is developing a number of new basic data registries in Denmark, such as: The Building and Housing Register (BBR), Denmark's Address Register and Digital Motor Register at the Danish tax authority.

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Helen Mott