Apps and Mobile

Be present on all the channels that your customers use, independent of time and place.

Today's mobile development means that you need to be present where your customers are, with relevant information and services that resolve their needs, here and now. 

It’s not about making a one-to-one solution of your website for mobile. We will help you identify which options best suit your customers’ location and identify the information and services that should be accessible as an app or a mobile web solution. 

We will advise you in the process about advantages and disadvantages with the different platforms (web-apps, hybrid apps, cross-compile and/or native apps), as well which mobile operation systems you should support based upon your audience.

When the foundation is in place, we will develop the solution with the customer in focus, so the platform will be easy to manage, maintain, and to expand your mobile offers in the future.  


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Helen Mott