Putting customer experience first

Businesses that are skilled at controlling the customer experience enjoy satisfied customers, lower churn and higher sales. By combining customer-centric insights and data collection/use strategies, we have delivered a portfolio of game-changing solutions — setting new standards in the market. Netcompany customer experience solutions increase customer lifetime value and build strong customer loyalty.

Customer experience is the sum of all the interactions your customer has with your business — from first consideration and point of sale, through to the subsequent service. 

We challenge your business’s strategy for managing the customer experience in a holistic and coherent way across a wide range of disciplines and channels. We know that customer experience success requires collaboration across the business. With our cross-company innovation experience, Netcompany's customer experience solutions are silo-free; connecting with the rest of your system landscape and business processes, guaranteeing the optimal lifetime value of your customer base.

Self-service and customer portals

In this digital age, most end-customers expect a quick and efficient self-service system. The greater the transparency and control, the better the experience.    

We can help you showcase all necessary data and relevant functions to the customers — empowering them to manage their own experience, whether they’re buying an insurance product, a physical product, a service, a membership, or something completely different.    



While globalisation allows large corporations to enter the local market, it also allows your business to reach consumers across the globe. Customer experience becomes all the more important when competition is fierce, and you want your e-commerce platform to stand out from the rest. Whether it’s B2B, B2C, B2A or D2C, we can help you better understand your customers and deliver powerful, customised experiences — on a global scale.

We'll draw upon decades of experience with business-critical trading platforms to challenge your company's current solution. Our e-commerce solutions also come equipped with a wide range of value-creating features, to increase your online sales.

Mobile Applications (APPS)

Your customers expect a high level of accessibility and convenience on all the user interfaces they have with your company. Netcompany has a wealth of experience with business-critical mobile apps that connect with and use data from your existing system landscape. We believe that a coherent and holistic user experience requires a coherent and holistic system landscape. We also help you to decide whether your mobile solution should be a native app, web app or cross-platform app.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Achieving a 360-degree customer view is key to provide seamless individual experiences across all your digital and physical channels. Our experience and focus is particularly with business-critical CRM solutions due to the value they create for our customers. A central platform that ensures a single source of truth and streamlined processes across departments elevates your company’s agility and digital maturity.

Marketing Automation

A solid and personalised user experience requires an automated marketing approach. Such an approach saves you valuable time and allows you to scale your operations with your customer base. Your business must be able to react and respond to all of your customers’ interactions, making the most of opportune moments as well. To do this, you must collect and use data intelligently. Netcompany can help you make sense of, and gain a deeper insight into, large volumes of behavioural data — then put it to use in your marketing efforts. 

Product Information Management (PIM)

Don't rely on your ERP system to manage your product presentation on your sales channels. 

Netcompany is well-versed in the implementation and integration of PIM platforms in system landscapes. More specifically, we know how to utilise PIM for large volumes of complex product information, distributing this information effectively to the relevant channels. Does your company present your products as effectively as possible, thereby maximising the full conversion potential?     

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Richard Davies

Country Managing Partner UK