Operations & Application maintenance

Netcompany carries out consulting, hosting and application maintenance services for small, medium and large companies as well as public bodies. We offer flexible agreements and technologies and can deliver both classic and modern operating services – either within our own data centre, via public cloud services or through a combination of the two. We always base our decisions on your business needs and we are happy to offer you a customised and tailor-made package for operational support and application maintenance through, for example, hybrid solutions that can be cost- and performance-optimised.

A business’ IT operations are under heavy and continual demand. As well as being able to adapt and offer new services that support the company’s objectives, they must also meet high security requirements. This is a particularly difficult task for the company’s IT personnel, who are expected to constantly develop their skills within a growing number of technologies. Naturally, businesses should aim to fully utilise their tech investments in order to continuously evolve and stay competitive.  

Given that we maintain our own secure data centres, we are able to run all or parts of your company’s operations services using standardised methods tailored to your company’s needs.  

We work closely with your operations department to gain a solid understanding of the components and routines that you want us to fully or partially handle. We always work with full transparency and can provide shared responsibility agreements where your own employees or third parties can carry out system tasks even when they are placed with Netcompany. 

Netcompany is ISO27001 and ISO9000 certified and can offer operations and management services that can be certified within the ISO-standard.

Our services do not require that a solution can be certified – operations and management is ISO27001 compliant and follow the principals defined by the ISO27001 standard

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Data centre operation

By using Netcompany’s infrastructure, you avoid having to maintain technical skills that do not directly contribute to your business. Netcompany manages and maintains this infrastructure – including storage, backup and hypervisors – in a secure environment. Business-critical solutions can be placed in a georedundant setup, utilising the physical distance between Netcompany’s data centres.

Digital sustainability

Digital sustainability is not just about digitising manual processes - it is about increasing the efficiency of the purchased capacity. We have extensive experience in optimising digital efficiency, which includes utilising our data centre hardware. Through constant equipment monitoring, we can identify when a piece of equipment has reached the end of its life. This allows us to replace it with newer and more energy efficient hardware. We also follow up on load factor and monitor what exactly the equipment is being used for. This ensures that no equipment is turned on unless it is directly contributing to the required services.  

Our infrastructure focuses on automating and optimising the algorithms we use to automate routine tasks. This results in effective and consistent maintenance and helps lower energy consumption. 

In order to optimise the use of the physical installation, we focus heavily on virtualisation and on having high-performing and secure virtualised environments. Netcompany has a virtualisation rate of 95%.  

Application maintenance

Critical IT solutions require maintenance and further development to continue to deliver value. For many companies however it can be challenging to maintain the capacity and skills required for this. This can often lead to a heavy reliance on individual employees.

We offer flexible application management services that enable you to concentrate on developing your business, knowing that your underlying IT solutions are supporting your needs. With Netcompany Application Services you have access to over 200 employees with in-depth knowledge of a wide range of technologies who can advise you on both your current and new platforms. 

Our processes are based on ITIL and are supported by effective ITSM tools. This grants us both agility and control over our workflows. We provide full transparency over case flows, current status on individual cases, and backlogs. This helps ensure that Service Level Agreements are always respected. 

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