Business Applications

Business applications are the driving force behind all businesses. If these are based on modern, flexible and cost-effective platforms, they can give your company a significant market advantage.

Benefits can include lowered costs, flexibility to adapt current products or add new ones, and freeing up resources through a high degree of automation.

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ERP systems are often associated with long, costly and difficult implementation processes. Often the challenge lies in the fact that these systems typically support a large proportion of the company’s processes, products and digitisation initiatives. This makes them complex and rigid and results in expensive systems that can be fragile and difficult to upgrade. 

We are changing this by rethinking the approach to ERP. We implement systems that take full advantage of the standard platform so that your business can maximise its licence investment, utilise the platform’s standard processes and secure lower maintenance and operating costs. We place the surrounding processes in other applications, such as in CRM/PowerApp, CPQ, CLM and/or the web system, where they belong. This leaves you with a flexible, efficient and more simple solution that better supports your business needs – today and in the future. 

We deliver our ERP solutions on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (previously Dynamics AX) or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously Dynamics NAV), and we always take responsibility for ensuring full organisational anchoring. 


Whether you sell products or services, your billing platform must be able to adapt and evolve to stay ahead of market changes and new business initiatives. Your platform also needs to be simple, cost-effective and stable. 

Netcompany delivers billing solutions across a variety of industries. We have unique skills within this area and extensive experience in working with the leading platforms (e.g., Guidewire, Aria, Ericsson Metratech, Netcracker og Amdocs). We also offer our own highly agile SaaS platform, Netcompany Billing. This platform supports all billing needs through its scalability and inbuilt flexibility on products, prices and payment methods. The platform integrates easily with your existing systems as it is 100% API-based and composed of decoupled modules. This means that you are not tied to a complex suite and that you receive a simple, scalable and cost-effective platform.    

We can help you with a variety of tasks, such as the consolidation/migration projects; implementing a new billing platform that can increase product and price flexibility; end-to-end  automation; modern payment solutions; and advanced document generation (e.g., invoices, consumer overviews, reminders) with subsequent digital distribution.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

The ability to deliver a fast, simple and accurate quote is a crucial competitive parameter for many businesses. The key here is to have an effective product catalogue with flexible pricing options that enable you to create both simple and complex quotes tailored to the customer, product, segment and discount mechanism. 

With a powerful CPQ tool, your salespeople can quickly provide your customers with accurate quotes via an intuitive and guided process. The solution can also be made accessible to your customers, for example through your website/e-Commerce platform, which can streamline the quoting process significantly while also taking current price agreements into account. 

Netcompany delivers CPQ solutions on the leading platforms as well as on our own solution, a flexible platform that supports advanced scenarios where a high degree of flexibility is needed. 

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Many companies need to be able to create, manage and secure strong governance for both simple and complex sales and purchase agreements. Investing in a powerful and well-integrated CLM platform can quickly pay dividends as you are better able to strategically utilise your contracts. The platform can also ensure that payments are collected in a timely manner and that you comply with your obligations to your customers. 

We specialise in CLM systems and deliver modern, advanced CLM standard solutions within areas such as energy, transport, health, insurance and unions. We deliver solutions on the leading standard platforms, such as Apttus/Conga and Coupa, and have certified specialists in all relevant areas. 

Document and Case management (ECM)

For document management, Netcompany has developed GetOrganized, an award-winning ECM platform designed for personal and organisational productivity. GetOrganized supports basic and complex ECM requirements as well as a wide variety of case types.

GetOrganized is an open platform that contains an open API, allowing it to be integrated with a number of different registers and systems. This can be done either by using existing integrations (add-ons) or by developing new ones. It also supports full integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook for document and email management. Explore GetOrganized on the dedicated portal.


Field Service / Mobile Workforce Management

Flexible and intelligent management of your mobile workforce can provide significant benefits in terms of better planning and use of travel time, task follow-up and access to necessary data – anytime and anywhere. This applies regardless of whether you are a supply company with service technicians, an insurance company with a mobile workforce, or a company with door-to-door salespeople.  

By using a powerful Field Service solution, you can increase your mobile workforce’s job satisfaction and value, while simultaneously improving their efficiency. Netcompany is specialised in delivering and implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, which offers everything you could possibly need. This includes tasks such as choosing the closest employee for an assignment, calculating the optimal route for daily tasks, mobile access to customer overviews, checklists/meeting minutes, and much more.  

With a powerful and integrated Field Service solution, you can provide your customers with a higher quality experience. A Field Service solution allows you to keep a close eye on invoicing, use of materials, agreements and timings, and detailed task insights. Planners are supported effectively through manual, assisted and fully automatic systems based on availability, vehicles, geography and skills. 

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