The municipal sector is facing a major paradigm shift and new strategy period on the digitisation front. KOMBIT and ATP have now carried out monopoly-breaking offers and new suppliers have been introduced to supply new professional- and benefits systems to municipalities and Udbetaling Danmark.

Netcompany is very proud of the trust that KOMBIT and ATP have put in us with the awarding of the following six dedicated systems and core data records:  

  • SAPA
  • Familieydelser
  • Boligstøtte
  • BBR
  • Danmarks Adresseregister (DAR)
  • Ejerfortegnelsen.

The development of the systems is going at full steam and we are looking forward to the successful implementation of all the monopolistic systems that will create completely new foundations and possibilities. 

The municipalities are provided with a brand new administrative, basic platform that will create larger opportunities for innovative dedicated systems, citizen service and work cases, and the core data form that opens data to the public to create insight and the foundation for new innovative solutions for the public and private sector.  

In many ways, the new strategy period is about using the new open foundation that is based on the ‘old’ digitalised strategy.

Netcompany is strongly positioned in respect to this new municipal digital paradigm, and we will go beyond core data and the implementation of SAPA and the new benefits systems to build on the foundation we have already established in municipalities with solutions for:

  • GetOrganized (EDM) and our recommendations for the new municipal case-and-collaboration platform
  • Contact Center Solutions - including the commercial sector
  • Innovative waste systems that we, among other systems, have delivered to Copenhagen, Aarhus, and a number of the municipalities next to Coopenhagen - for example, Vestforbrænding.
  • Municipal monitoring solutions - that are based partially on our deliveries to all the social supervision centers. Organisational implementation services in connection with the monopolistic era.

Contact us to have a talk about all the new opportunities available as a result of the municipal paradigm shift.

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Jan Winther