Netcompany has built a unique method of innovation, modernising, maintenance and operations of several central dedicated systems and records.

Innovation and modernisation

When the public sector demands modernisation/digitalisation in new areas, Netcompany re-imagines digitalisation in new ways, which has led to Netcompany being one of the most successful suppliers known for establishing and modernising new and existing dedicated systems. 

Among the on-going projects we have, we can mention the establishment of the new Danish Grunddata (basic data) program which includes core registers such as Ejerfortegnelsen, The Central Register of Buildings and Dwellings (BBR), Denmark's Address Register and the Danish Tax Authority's Digital Motor Register.

Netcompany has supplied the new application and grant management system to the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, along with a central supervision solution for the Danish Health Authority. 
As an example of one of the completely innovative solutions we are making, we have established a new agreement with the Danish Tax Authority, where we, in partnership with a design agency, are managing four new agile innovation projects. Each of the four projects will go from idea to product launching within six months. When the four projects have reached their goals, the Danish Tax Authority will be provided with ten new digital products for citizens and companies, as well as significant experience with agile methods that increase innovation and decrease development time for future projects - pure service innovation.


Big Data and use of data

With the widespread digitalisation throughout the public sector over the last few years, there has been a higher awareness of the large amount of data that is produced and the data that is already present.

This data has created a lot of insight, both locally in the individual administrations, but also across sectors. Netcompany has, through the last few years, built a strong “information management” deliverance, which, like it is on the state-level, has many central references through which we can highlight the large data warehouse on schools for Denmark's National Agency for IT and Learning.


Efficient transition and maintenance and further development

Netcompany has, through the years, overtaken several existing central public solutions, for example, at the Danish Agency for Digitisation, Danish Working Environment Authority supervision solutions, management and operations for the Danish Business Authority’s business records, Property Data report for the Danish Business Authority, Pet Authorisation for the Ministry of Environment and food of Denmark, MedComs e-journal and the garbage-collection/sanitation solution for the Copenhagen municipality. 

The feedback from our customers has shown that our project approach encourages thinking in new contexts, where our business-oriented approach means that the solutions are developed/maintained in an agile and controlled manner, which makes our solution get modelled with focus on: 

  • Enthusiasm and high energy in the project teams
  • Individuals and interaction over processes and tools
  • A working solution over comprehensive documentation
  • Partnership with the clients over jurisdictions and contract reading
  • Ready for change over following the plan rigidly

We take natural processes, tools, documentation, contracts and planning seriously, but we value a working solution even more. All of our project managers have technical backgrounds and relevant degrees, which provides them with the necessary understanding for the big-picture in a project – both the technical and business aspects. Business processes are important to us. Mastering technique and tools is a given.

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Jan Winther