How Basic Data is a Catalyst for Change and Improving Public Services

Netcompany Partner Prahlad Koti holds the opinion that for public institutions to be able to perform their tasks properly and efficiently, they must be provided with a foundation of basic data. 

“The digitisation of public services is at the very top of the government agenda, but the lack of accessible and reliable data, such as core information about individuals and businesses, creates huge challenges for digital administration. This information, known as basic data (registers), is re-used throughout the public sector and is an important foundation for public authorities to perform their tasks properly and efficiently. Not least because an ever-greater number of tasks must be performed digitally and across departments and sectors. Without accurate and accessible basic data, truly joined-up services will be near on impossible to deliver. 

Basic data is structured fundamental data that is common for many purposes. It can include contact details and personal information such as DoB, NI numbers, etc. This type of data is used repeatedly, across the entire public sector and is essential for public authorities to efficiently perform tasks like collecting taxes, administering healthcare, or paying welfare benefits. 

High-quality basic data needs to be..."

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