Netcompany Virtual Tech Talk: Angular & React

The JavaScript world is rapidly evolving and exactly 0 days has passed since the lastest JavaScript framework was released. The two biggest players on the market at the moment are Angular and React which offer two different approaches to the same problem.


On March 31st, one of Netcompany experts in front-end architecture, Christian, will elaborate on how Angular and React are different from each other and how to build a solid application with the two frameworks.

You will be presented with similarities, differences, strengths and weaknesses in the two frameworks and a practical introduction on how to build a React or Angular application. In addition, Christian will dive into the more technical aspects of the two frameworks where he will cover performance, architecture and best practices.

There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions in the comments and get recommendations on the topic during the session. 

Please note that the presentation will be in English.

In order for you to tune in to the tech talk, you need to sign up using the link below. You will receive a link to stream the talk on March 30th.

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We look forward to virtually hanging out and sharing knowledge!