Progressive Web Apps with React

As promised, we're kicking off with a long series of Netcompany Tech Talks where we'll cover different matters from the IT world. At our first talk Jean-Paul Delimat we'll be speaking about Progressive Web Apps with React!

Ever wondered what "progressive" or "isomorphic" web apps are? Come and find out how to build next generation front-end apps! We'll dive into server side rendering and other cool stuff like app shell and push notifications.


About the speaker

Jean-Paul Delimat, Manager at Netcompany Poland is a full stack developer. Throughout his career he visited many different fields of programming. Started 10 years ago with embedded C/C++ on missile systems. On with cloud backend at scale in the video streaming industry. Now Jean-Paul creates awesome web apps in Node and React for various sectors.


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Feel free to join via the sign up form below, afterwards we will serve beer and pizza.