Unemployment insurance funds and unions

Today, many unemployment insurance funds and unions experience stronger competition for members than ever before. Unions and unemployment insurance funds therefore focus on recruiting and retaining members. To that purpose, members are offered new and innovative services that can support member loyalty. This must be supported by a stable, professional system that reduces processing time and develops agilely with changing market needs.

Netcompany has, over more than 10 years, delivered IT systems and IT consulting services to federal and unemployment funds in Denmark. 

Federal and unemployment funds administration is supported and maintained in the Modulus system complex in accordance with the applicable laws; this system is used by 14 out of the 25 Danish unemployment insurance funds today.

Central to the Modulus system landscape is Modulus Core, a steady calculating nucleus that supports existing legislation and implements the critical calculations that ensure timely payments to the members. The Modulus core, a central workflow component, ensures an overview of the processes and ensures a high degree of automation through proactive use of public records and ongoing validation and verification of the information.

Case processing is done in the customer’s own case management system in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which ensures an efficient process that utilises the workflow defined in Modulus core. When it comes to contact from a member, unions and unemployment insurance funds are supported with the option of extra service offerings based on the behaviour of said members, thereby ensuring the best offer for the member's situation. 

Document management can be done in Netcompany's leading case and document management system, GetOrganized. GetOrganized ensures an efficient communication process that is based on a combination of the unemployment insurance fund’s Microsoft Office package and an automated journalising of member communications through a tight integration to Microsoft Outlook.

Netcompany has developed a market-leading booking solution that ensures that members are invited to the regulatory conversations where common conversations, personal interviews, and lectures are pieced together to form a program aimed at a given member's needs. This is closely integrated with the unemployment insurance fund’s Outlook, which prevents double bookings, so the member can only choose times that are actually available.

Member communication is supported through the self-service solution that is partly based on Modulus DMS, which is Netcompany intelligent form solution, and partly combined with targeted self-service universes that support the processes when communication with members must be particularly supportive, e.g., in the enrollment of a new member.

In Modulus, unemployment funds come together to define and drive the solution. Modulus is supported by a user-group where Netcompany's unemployment funds’ customers regularly exchange experiences on how Modulus is implemented and how the case processing can be organised most effectively.

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Nikolai Nimann Nielsen