Student job at Netcompany

As a Student Assistant or Intern in Netcompany, you will work on projects, side by side with the rest of your team. You will get a job that develop your skills and improves your resume. Simultaneously, you will obtain the best opportunities for boosting your career, thus, you must be passionate about development! Not only on projects, but also your personal and educational development has to be a very important factor to you - because it is to us.

In Netcompany, our Student Assistants and Interns are a high priority, and it’s not without reason that the vast majority choose to continue their career within the company, when they finish their studies. We believe that responsibility develop your abilities, which is why you already as a Student Assistant, will be assigned a great amount of responsibility. Experience has shown us, that when we trust our employees from day one, they rise with the challenge and develop their personal skills within a short time frame. We use the same approach with our Student Assistants and Interns, however, your team will always have your back, so you will never be left alone.

The level of responsibility also gives you the opportunity to face new challenges – challenges that you elsewhere first will get acquainted with, when you graduate. You will be learning from the best and work closely with some of the most talented people in the business, who are always available to help you.

At Netcompany, we have many examples of leading managers and partners who started as a Student Assistant or Intern. Their time as a student in Netcompany, enriched them the optimal stepping-stone to their career, and has led to an increase of responsibility in short time. By combining the theoretical knowledge from your degree with a student job in Netcompany, you will experience all the exciting opportunities that a role as an IT-consultant has to offer. 
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