"Celebrating our deliveries, not our wins, says a lot about how we work at Netcompany"

Rasmus Hagemann started working at Netcompany after he got his master’s degree in Software Engineering. He worked his way up to become a manager and decided it was time to use his skills outside of Netcompany. Four years later, Rasmus once again does his daily commute to the Netcompany office.

A professional journey to come home

“I wanted to explore other ways to work and develop than how we do it at Netcompany”, he says. “At the time, it was a good choice for me to broaden my horizon.” In the four years Rasmus was away from Netcompany, he took various projects and roles on him. He was on a professional journey that gave him much more than just work experience: “One of the major things I realised when I was away from Netcompany, was that to thrive at work, I personally needed a mature delivery organisation. Netcompany has always had that, and it felt safe to come back to a company that manages to deliver well on a continuous basis – even in times of massive growth.”

The art of celebrating in due time 

Rasmus found it comforting to return to Netcompany after four years and experience an organisation that he could tap into quickly. “It was amazing to come back after four years and just continue as if I had never left. Not just because I had tried it before, but because the culture here revolves around making things work. And you can tell that it just works, even the smallest details.” Another notion that Rasmus uses to sum up why he decided to return to Netcompany is when to celebrate. “At other companies, you celebrate when you win a project. At Netcompany, we celebrate when we deliver. It sounds like a small difference, but it says a lot about how we work at Netcompany”.

Making room for individual development 

Now a manager at Netcompany once again, Rasmus focuses on developing his leadership skills further and exploring how to keep projects healthy. “Our delivery method has developed since my first time at Netcompany, and I’m conscious to do my part to continue to improve it.” At the same time, Rasmus is all about helping his colleagues grow, and he enjoys seeing many of his former mentees still thriving at Netcompany. With new, talented mentees and project participants to look out for, Rasmus knows that he can play a part in their development, too. “Every project is a platform for development for each person involved. It’s all about giving people a chance to give their valuable input. Then you’ll be able to watch them grow, and that is really inspiring.” Personally, Rasmus wants to keep growing, too: “I am here to grow and see where it will take me, because I don’t feel like standing still,” he concludes.

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