Michael Dahl Sørensen

Michael Dahl Sørensen has been working at Netcompany since he graduated from the University of Southern Denmark, where he studied Robot Systems. In Netcompany, all our project managers have a technical background, as it is an important prerequisite for being able to understand the customers' needs, creating the best solution and not least managing the team. Below, Michael, who is Principal at Netcompany, tells his story about becoming a project manager.

I wanted to work on projects that make a difference

When I signed with Netcompany, directly after I graduated, it was not the obvious choice for me to be a project manager. My motivation was to work with IT and help develop solutions that make a difference in the society - therefore I applied for a job in Netcompany. Already from day one, I got an opportunity to meet with the customer and help develop solutions - I thought that was incredibly exciting and educational.

However, as part of our Netcompany Academy program, Michael soon had the opportunity to try out various areas of the consulting role, pointing him in a new direction.

It was not my ambition from the beginning to become a project manager. But over time I came to the conclusion, that it is in this position that I am challenged the most, which is why I also find it most interesting. For me, it has been incredibly inspiring and satisfying to be responsible for ensuring that projects are delivered on time, while at the same time helping to develop the team professionally.

Being a mentor 

In Netcompany we also have a mentoring scheme in which all employees are affiliated with a mentor who guides and supports you throughout your career. Having a mentor is really important for your career development. As we at Netcompany work in a project-oriented way, you can have changing managers, and therefore it is essential to have a fixed point of reference, which your mentor will be. 

I appreciate my colleagues 

It is not only the exciting and challenging tasks that are constantly pushing your professional development and makes it great to be working at Netcompany - but it is also the close relationship you develop with your colleagues. I greatly appreciate my colleagues - at all levels, and I am sure it will continue throughout my entire career in Netcompany.

Also, it is important that we work well together socially when we work together in teams and have to deliver a good project. The collegial relationship can be developed through social events with colleagues on your project, but especially also across projects at all the events that Netcompany After Dark is arranging.  

Your development is in focus

You should apply for a job at Netcompany if you want to develop and at the same time be challenged professionally, socially and personally, which for me is one of the most important things about going to work.