Senior Specialist: ”DOT trusted the solution we provided”

Senior Specialist Kasper Hjorth Moss was one of the developers of a comprehensive project at Din Offentlige Transport (the name of a collaboration between Denmark's public transportation companies DSB, Copenhagen Metro & Movia), where an innovative app was to be built. This app makes public transportation simple and flexible. Kasper used to go to the IT University of Copenhagen, where he has studied game technology as his master’s degree. He came to Netcompany after attending a recruitment night where he realized that he was passionate about making things work – and not necessarily about developing games. Below, you can read about Kasper's motivation and views on management as well as his perspective on the project at DOT.

What motivates you in your job?

It motivates me to see things starting to work. The coolest thing is when nothing has been built before we arrive on-site, and we must build something from scratch ourselves. Then, we can see how things are built, part by part, and features are added, one by one. When the customer is happy with the solution, it's very satisfactory.

How have you experienced the collaboration with DOT?

DOT was an interesting partner, as it consists of three different companies with different interests. Overall, we had a good relationship with their businesspeople. They trusted the solution we provided.

In your opinion, what is good management?
Good management is when you give your employees tasks that motivate them, which make them feel that there is a meaning to what they are doing, and where they have room to develop. When people are motivated, they perform better. They spend their time wisely and they are invested in what they do. If you can accomplish this and build a social context where people can talk and debate without becoming mad at each other, you are almost certain to deliver something good.

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