Artur Chojnacki

In September, Artur exchanged the familiar Warsaw office for the new Netcompany office in Delft, the Netherlands. What he found was the same level of talented colleagues and interesting projects – and a way more pleasant (and very Dutch) way of commuting to work: biking.

I have been at Netcompany for four years and am currently working on projects in the private and public sector. 

The last four months, I have been working at Netcompany Netherlands on a project developing a web portal for Dutch teachers and Ministry of Education officers. The portal makes it possible to register and track the teachers’ achievements such as professional courses, workshops and work experience. The portal also has a networking functionality, so the teachers can share their professional experience with colleagues. 

Netcompany Netherlands is the newest addition to the growing Netcompany family. By being part of the team at the Dutch office, I had the opportunity to share the knowledge and experience that I have gained working at Netcompany Poland with my new Dutch colleagues.

It has been easy adapting to the Dutch office, as all my Dutch colleagues are just as highly skilled and have the same professional client approach, as I know from Netcompany Poland and my visits to Netcompany Denmark – and that I’m sure exist everywhere else in Netcompany. Everywhere we build strong client relationships, the highest quality of work and constantly seeing to the client’s needs.

Because we use the same Netcompany methodology across locations, my working day at the office in Delft has been pretty similar to my working day at the Warsaw office. What has been quite different though has been the commute to work. As most Dutch people do, I have biked to our office every day. And enjoyed it very much! No traffic jams, no time wasted on a crowded bus. The lack of hills, short distances and the incredible cycling infrastructure make riding a bike in the Netherlands a pretty amazing experience.