Niclas Lund Stisager, Manager, started his career in Netcompany at our Aalborg office in Denmark, and is currently on an international assignment at our London office. Learn more about his experience being stationed in the UK.

Senior Consultant on an International assignment in London

I am a Senior Consultant on an international assignment in London, UK where I participate as Scrum Master/Team Lead on a project for the leading provider of conveyancing services in the UK. Part of my assignment is to ensure transfer of knowledge, skills and corporate Netcompany culture to the London office. 

I wanted to experience working abroad

Netcompany’s global strategy is ambitious and is very aligned with my personal career objectives, as I have always wanted to experience a couple of years aboard and work in a new country. Furthermore, I believe the professionalism within Netcompany is a key element for advancing your skills and personality. 

A great experience with responsibility from the first day

Joining the UK team has been a great challenge on a personal and professional level, where I have been assigned responsibility and trust from my first day in the London office. My responsibility covers the daily accountability of the teams’ deliveries and fulfillment of business needs, identifying and analyzing new functional and technical design requirements, planning of tasks and dependencies, establishment of a good relationship between the development team and the customer and structuring and implementing Netcompany Methodology to the project. 

A strong focus on my development 

Netcompany wants to invest in your development and see this as an important reason to keep growing, which is why you always get acknowledged due to your willingness to develop. When I said I wanted to go abroad, Netcompany reacted right away and arranged the international assignment, because they know it was important for both me and the company. 

Denmark, The UK no matter the location someone will always have your back

We are not afraid of making mistakes, which has created an environment where your colleagues gladly ask for help and are keen to help you out. This gives you the feeling that someone will always have your back. Additionally, we are really good at celebrating our successes, which normally includes a good meal and some beverages. 

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