Netcompany Academy - We are geared to make you smarter

Netcompany is a people business, with our employees being our strongest asset.  We can only grow and progress as a company by developing our people. You’re the key to our success, and will be supported through your professional development journey.

Choose a career path that suits your ambitions

Netcompany employees start on their career path on their very first day in the team. Supported by our Netcompany Academy, we help you lay out a structured development plan, taking you from a recent graduate to an established Consultant, then a Senior staff member all the way through to Manager, Principal and — eventually — Partner.

It’s up to you to decide how your career journey with us will look. The options may seem overwhelming at first, but we will always be here to help you understand what your choices are, and where they’ll take you in the future, so you always understand the expectations.

“The various training courses and certifications provided and facilitated by Netcompany have enabled continued learning and development ensuring I am equipped with the right skills for the job. However, I find myself learning new things everyday while being surrounded by very talented individuals across the project.” - Shanelie Fernandes, Consultant

“Netcompany Academy offers a wide range of development opportunities, which I think is so important for career progression and development.”

- Ben Matthews, Consultant

“Netcompany are one of a few IT companies who don’t limit you by your role title, meaning I am able to explore all the possible career opportunities within the IT world.” 

- Megi Braholli, Consultant

"I find myself learning new things everyday while being surrounded by very talented individuals across the project.”

- Shanelie Fernandes, Consultant

We help you be the best you can be

To support your development, you will be enrolled in the Netcompany Academy, our very own training programme of seminars, certifications and pop-up courses. The timing and content of the seminars are aligned to your role, to help support your ambitions and progression. 
All our seminars and training courses are designed to supplement the skills and knowledge gained from your everyday tasks and responsibilities. Our courses are exclusively for Netcompany Employees, so the content is always tailored to you, with most courses conducted by Netcompany professionals. This ensures that all content, cases and discussions are of the highest quality.

Our Academy is also great at allowing you to build a strong social network with your colleagues across projects and countries. Relationships like these have the potential to enhance your professional progress, and to last throughout your career at Netcompany, and even beyond!

Be an expert and share your knowledge

Sharing knowledge and supporting your colleagues cross-functionally has always been the key to Netcompany’s success. We have an open culture where you can always ask others for help, and share your knowledge in return.

“Our projects have real world implications, so you finish the day knowing you made a difference. This makes me strive to be the best version of myself, and the Netcompany Centres of Excellence provide practical solutions to any issues we face, so I am always learning.” - Bakara Ovietabore, Manager

Knowledge sharing is easy through our Centres of Excellence, or CoE. The Netcompany CoE is an internal knowledge-based community that covers everything from specific technologies to methodology — incuding Java, data migration, Oracle, .NET, Episerver, Salesforce, Sharepoint, machine learning, high quality coding and more. There’s always an IT expert within the organisation ready to answer your questions, no matter your location.