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In Netcompany we use digitalisation as a means to create value for private and public sector customers across Northern Europe and the UK, but how does that actually work on a practical level? This video offers a glimpse into some of our solutions in the UK.

"We designed Netcompany Academy to promote growth and learning for everyone across the business; it’s an extensive development programme, available to all and tailored to your individual needs."

André Rogaczewski

CEO & Co-founder, Netcompany

Netcompany has a welcoming environment that placed me straight in the depths of a big client project when I first joined, which made me feel a big part of the delivery process. It was a great culture to begin my career.

Thomas Jones, Senior Infrastructure Consultant

- On development in Netcompany

"Netcompany are one of a few IT companies who don’t limit you by your role title, meaning I am able to explore all the possible career opportunities within the IT world. As a bonus, I don’t have an excuse to be bored with what I do."

Megi Braholli


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