You will not see the usual management chain in Netcompany

Meet Tra Ngoc Nguyen, Senior Consultant, whom we had the pleasure of getting to know when he started in Netcompany Vietnam during his final year at university as an intern. He chose to continue his career in Netcompany because of the work culture and exceptional focus on employee development. Here he shares how he experienced the transfer from student to consultant in Netcompay Vietnam.

From an internship to Consultant

”I was a computer science student at VGU when I applied for Netcompany, and came to Netcompany as a 4th-year student, looking for a suitable place for an internship. Netcompany took me in and have impressed me with the work culture and exceptional focus on employee development, which is one of many reasons why I stayed at Netcompany after the internship period finished.”

A culture characterized by professionalism and a strong social community

”The company is very serious about taking care of its employees. We have lots of social events for us to hang out and make friends with other colleagues besides our teammates. Netcompany also has an academy platform and lots of mandatory courses to help us build our careers, which in my opinion is the best thing here.

It is fun to work at Netcompany

"It is fun working here. Every day there are new topics in the company to talk about, new friends to make, and new challenges to overcome. I got to work with new technology, know concepts that school never taught me, and meet talented colleagues here in Vietnam as well as around the world.”

We perform as a team
”You will not see the usual management chain in Netcompany. Here, we all sit together as a team, trying to solve problems and help each other in our careers. The distance between team members, team leaders, and managers gets smaller because we all take responsibility for something. It will be small at first, but the people here will help you to gain more responsibility, gain more knowledge and help you become better at your work.”

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