"All of my colleagues are very good at what they do, and I find that highly motivating" - Thao

Nguyen Thi Thanh Thao always dreamt of exploring the world and learning about different cultures. While still in school, Thao got a job working as an IT supporter. This sparked a new interest in her and she chose to pursue a career in IT.

My colleagues inspire me to become better every day

In 2020 she joined Netcompany as a test specialist, and a year later she was promoted to senior test specialist. Being at Netcompany gives Thao the perfect opportunity to combine her skills within testing with her interest in working in an international environment and experiencing different cultures. “It is really intriguing for me to work for a company with offices around the world. I have learned a lot about different cultures while working on projects together with colleagues of different nationalities.”
Something that especially motivates Thao is seeing her colleagues excelling at what they do. “All of my colleagues are very good at what they do, and I find that highly motivating. It inspires me to become better every day, and I am glad that Netcompany supports me in my development.” 

Practice makes perfect 

Thao’s enthusiasm for testing also plays a role in her personal life, and she likes to spend some of her spare time doing research and reading about testing. But when she is not reading about the latest news within testing, she enjoys playing badminton. She spends several nights a week together with her colleagues, practicing her badminton smash. “I recently attended the Netcompany After Dark badminton tournament. Unfortunately, I did not win this time. But with a bit more practice, I might go for the title next year,” Thao concludes.

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