“Moving to Vietnam was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”

When great opportunities present themselves for Line Aggerbo Johansen, Manager, she seizes them. Whether it is saying yes to another career path or moving to another continent – she takes on new and thrilling opportunities with every chance she gets.

After graduating with a Master of Science in Computer Engineering from Aarhus University, Line started working at Netcompany. Initially, Line never imagined herself pursuing a career as a consultant, but after learning about the opportunities that Netcompany offers, she changed her plans. Today, six years later, she finds herself more motivated than ever, working at Netcompany’s office in Ho Chi Minh City.

Embracing the adventure of living in another country

When Line first considered becoming an expat, it was in the early stages of her career and the timing was not quite right. However, in spring 2022, Line was asked if she would like to relocate to Vietnam. To Line, this was an opportunity too good to turn down. With help from Netcompany, Line got her paperwork done, found an apartment – and sooner than she knew it, she jumped on a plane to Ho Chi Minh City, ready to embrace the adventures that awaited her.

A unique learning experience

“Moving to Vietnam went smoothly. I got assigned to a buddy who is also an expat. It was great to have a buddy who could share their experiences and good advice with me.” Even though it was hard saying goodbye to her life in Denmark, it did not take long for Line to adapt to the new culture and the city.

Line especially valued the friendliness of the Vietnamese people she met. Her colleagues were no exception: They went to great lengths to make sure that she felt included, and they happily shared their personal stories and backgrounds to provide Line with an even better understanding of Vietnamese culture. “Moving abroad has proven to be an invaluable experience. I have made a closer bond with many of my Vietnamese colleagues and have a greater sense of where they are coming from and their ways of working. That is a unique learning and something I can take with me home when I return to Denmark.”

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