”I always enjoyed teaching! So, it was a natural next step for me to work with people development and support my colleagues” - Le Quoc Huy

Programming has always been very intuitive for Huy. That is why he chose to study Information Technology at the University of Science HCM. Today, working as a manager, Huy is convinced he found a role that matches his skills perfectly.
Working with programming has always been very intuitive for me
Le Quoc Huy grew up in Ho Chi Minh City, raised in a family who all worked in the electronics industry. Initially, Huy wanted to follow in their footsteps. After finishing high school, he started studying Automation Electronics at the University of Industry. While studying and learning how to control different electronic devices, Huy realised that he had some undiscovered skills in computer programming. “I found out that I was a lot better at computer programming than with electronics. It felt very intuitive.”

Getting the hang of programming was easy for Huy. And that was when he decided to change his educational plans and take a different path in his professional life.  

Balancing work and studies 
After graduating as an Electronics Engineer, Huy enrolled in the Aptech training center to learn programming. After getting the practical experience of coding, Huy went on to study Information Technology at the University of Science HCM, while also working full-time for a Vietnamese IT company. This meant five years of juggling a very busy time schedule. 

Huy went to work in the daytime and attended classes at night. But Huy never complained because he knew that he had found something that he was truly excited about. “Even though I was busy, I did not struggle with keeping up at university. It all came very naturally to me, and I found it easy to learn all the new things.”

Good at recognising people’s strengths 
In July 2019 Huy joined Netcompany as a senior consultant. But it did not take long for his superiors to recognise his people skills and talent for teaching others, and they encouraged him to pursue the role as a manager. “Today I work as a manager, which is great, because I have always enjoyed teaching! I previously worked as a high school teacher in a computer programming class. So it was a natural next step for me to work with people development and support some of my colleagues in their dedicated pursuit for growth. This is probably what I like the most about being a manager”.

The importance of having moments for yourself 
Huy’s dedication also shines through in his personal life. Huy enjoys being active and going on long bike rides through the city. But as a father of three and with a full-time job with managerial responsibilities, it can sometimes be difficult to find time for yourself. That is why Huy loves to wake up early in the morning, put on his cycling gear and hit the road. “Going out for an early bike ride allows me to enjoy the fresh air and a quiet moment to myself before the city wakes up and the day begins. I really appreciate that.”

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