I think I am surrounded with the best colleagues around the world

Vo Thi Cam Linh, one of our talented Senior Specialists in Netcompany, graduated from RMIT University with an impressive final result and became a part of the Netcompany family one year ago. This is Linh’s story about her journey to become a Senior Specialist in Netcompany.
“Looking back at the time I was still in the last semester of studying, my dilemma was choosing one out of a hundred IT companies in the market to devote myself to. Fortunately, I met Netcompany at a university event, and they impressed me by their technological innovation, professionalism as well as diversity. With such a great impression, I made the decision to join Netcompany.

After years of working here, the opportunities of learning new technologies, enhancing my strengths and improving my weaknesses, and growing my experience in a specific career path are plentiful with generous support from Netcompany. No matter which position I want to achieve, Netcompany always has thorough guidance and designated training to foster my development in every aspect.

Besides Netcompany’s well thought out model, I think I am surrounded with the best colleagues around the world who are not only skilled and competent, but also supportive. Together, we form a great team in which we can work hard to deliver major projects for the society and play hard to blow our stress away.

At Netcompany, I will never need to worry about either a complex hierarchy or a boundary between managers and employees since we love each other as a family and aim for the same goal. In the end, I would like to express my appreciation towards Netcompany for choosing me as a part of the company and believing that I can contribute to the amazing projects and make a difference.”

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