Netcompany Tech Talks - Using Spring Batch along with Spring Boot and MongoDB

Join us for a long series of Netcompany Tech Talks where we'll cover different matters from the IT world. Feel free to join and stick with us for a beer and pizza afterwards.

This month's subject is "Using Spring Batch along with Spring Boot and MongoDB – simple use case. 
We're going to talk about building simple batch application using Spring Goodies and MongoDB: 

  • Spring Batch basics
  • Storing raw data from CSV into MongoDB,
  • building highly maintainable app.

The talk will be done by Paweł Gawędzki - our local Senior Architect with 10+ years’ experience in software development.

What he says about himself could be summed up to:

  • One JAVA to rule them all.
  • JavaSDK, JavaEE, JavaFX & Kotlin to create them all.
  • Spring, Hibernate & JPA to backend them all.
  • Oracle & MongoDB to store them all.
  • HTML, JSF, JavaScript & AngularJS to frontend them all.
  • REST & SOAP to integrate them all.
  • JUnit, Mockito, Hamcrest & AsertJ to test them all.
  • Git to control them all.
  • Maven & Gradle to build them all.
  • Tomcat & SpringBoot to run them all.
  • Windows & Linux to operate them all.
  • Running interviews to find them all.
  • Team Leading to lead them all.

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