Netcompany Tech Talk: Introduction to Scrum

Join us for a the next Netcompany Tech Talk. 

As the Scrum Guide states: “Scrum is lightweight, simple to understand, [but!] difficult to master”. 
We’re going to talk about:

  • what Scrum really is?
  • why Scrum is how it is?
  • how we can benefit from applying Scrum in development of IT products?

The talk will be done by our Senior Consultant, Jakub  – certified Professional Scrum Master and Professional Java 8 Programmer, DevOps, Team Manager in one of the biggest IT projects in Denmark in 2018/2019, Scrum Master in the NC DevOps Accelerators Team with 5+ years of professional experience in Java / DevOps, 

Join us for a long series of Netcompany Tech Talks where we'll cover different matters from the IT world. Feel free to join and stick with us for a beer and pizza afterwards.