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Netcompany  is growing rapidly globally and not least in Poland. We work on exciting projects for the private and public sector in Northern Europe. Our Polish office is located in Warsaw, where we employ more than 250 people and over 2000 globally. We are currently looking for software developers that want to be part of our exciting journey.

Talk to us about your possibilities 

Do you have a technical IT background, can you code and do you want to be part of Netcompany and our many exciting projects? Now you have the opportunity to talk to one of our Managers or Software Developers.  They will able to tell about their role and the projects that they are working on.  But they will also be able to talk about career development and the career opportunities that we can offer to candidates with your background.

You can also hear more about our Netcompany Academy, where you get a unique opportunity to develop your skills and our knowledge based global community, Centre of Excellence that focus on combining the knowledge of our 2000 developer IT consultants. 

Take the next step

All you have to do is fill in the form below.  If we have any open positions that matches your profile, we will get in contact to arrange a talk at a suitable time for you. We will do our best to find a manager  or a software developer that matches your skills, experience and background, so you get the best possible insights into what we have to offer.

We can’t guarantee a conversation with everybody.. However, we will do our best to talk to as many as possible, and we guarantee that everybody will receive an answer either via phone or email. 
We look forward to hearing from you.

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