Netcompany Tech Talks - Code sharing in Mobile Application Development with Xamarin

Join us for a long series of Netcompany Tech Talks where we'll cover different matters from the IT world. Feel free to join and stick with us for a beer and pizza afterwards :)

More about the topic:

To what extent is it possible to share code between native mobile applications in Xamarin? Can we share code between server and mobile routines? What are the benefits of using the same language for both, server and mobile application development? Come and see a case study of real business application, where we will dive into subject of reusing code between platforms.

About presenter:

Włodzimierz, Manager at Netcompany, Full-Stack Developer with several years of experience. Started his career several years ago with core business system built from ground up in C++. Since then he was involved in many different projects like designing and developing business core systems on premises and in the cloud, data and document migrations, systems integration, data processing.

Currently his team is building mobile platform for interacting with auction catalogues.

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