Upgrade / reimplementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX

For TDC, Netcompany has upgraded and reimplemented Microsoft Dynamics AX to the newest version. The solution is used by 2.500 users daily. 


For years, TDC has used Microsoft Dynamics AX as their ERP-system. The system, which was specially adapted to the company’s processes, needed a modernisation, and the solution, which was no longer supported by Microsoft, also needed to be upgraded / implemented to the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is used for management of customer orders that required new equipment or cables in the context of increasing capacity on TDC’s network. The solution handles the processes, from the establishment of the capacity budget to the booking of workforce and time registration on the individual projects that collect information on cable repairs and bill damages to the accountable parties. Operations stability is, therefore, a critical requirement for the customers to have a satisfactory experience of TDC’S ability to deliver. 

Not only did TDC want an upgrade, but they also wanted a reimplementation where the standard functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX is used as much as possible and thereby readied for the new processes that company wanted included.



TDC and Netcompany went through all of the company’s processes with the purpose of standardising them and use the ERP-system’s standard functionality. 

Netcompany ensured, through a High Level Design, that the company’s processes and requirements were compatible with the standard functionality and technology that Microsoft Dynamics AX offers.

Netcompany led the TDC-process owners through the application via dialogue about theoretical models, but also though practical examples (process flow) directly in the application – so the process owners, through closer inspections, could experience the development of each of the processes. With this approach, it was ensured that the project came to use a high degree of standard functionality and technology in Microsoft Dynamics AX in the widest sense. 

The solution is built with the help of many standard components that are used in other ways than the classic configuration of an ERP-system. The solution addresses 2 large business areas, Kabel Skade and Capacity build (CAPEX).

On the business area of Kabelskade, Netcompany has developed a web front-end, which is based on Sharepoint and GetOrganized ©. The front-end makes it possible for the technicians to troubleshoot, document, time and register materials directly on location.

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NIels Ferdinand Karstensen