ERP-solution for’s expanding e-commerce wants to establish itself as a leading player in the market of online grocery retail (food, cleaning and kiosks).
The ERP platform constitutes the entire back end platform for the solution in collaboration with webshop to meet the ambitious targets.


The existing ERP-solution was an older version of Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 with, among other shortcomings, challenges with overly large inventory levels and no tracking of inventory value, as well as incorrect integrations to the storage system and webshop. A new supplier of transportation of goods to customers needed to be implemented with a Back Office function that should relieve the burden of too many manual processes.



Netcompany upgraded Microsoft Dynamics AX to the newest version where:

  • Commodity disposition solution was based on the standard product

  • Integration to the storage system was improved / automated

  •'s Integration / functionality was optimized with the new Retail standard functionality

  • Integration to transport suppliers was developed in relation to the demands of delivery times to customers

  • Standard functions for billing, payments, reminders, as well as credits and refunds were implemented

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NIels Ferdinand Karstensen