EnergiMidt combined business with a CRM-solution

Netcompany’s implemented a CRM-system that made it possible for EnergiMidt to share knowledge systematically, improve customer service and view their commitment across a number of business areas. EnergiMidt can use their solution to strengthen campaigns and sales by easing the work with statistic and customer segmentation


EnergiMidt is a modern energy and broadband company with 600 employees. The company has roots in central Jutland and supplies 176.000 customers in a 6000 km2 area, from Limfjorden in the north to Vejle in the south, with power. EnergiMidt also has activities with energy counselling, installation, water and heat supply, internet and tv through fiber broadband, etc. EnergiMidt’s head office is in Silkeborg, and they have operations centers in Skive, Herning, Brædstrup and Bjerringbro.

When central Jutes turn on their washing machine, the power often comes from EnergiMidt. In most cases, the company also supply the heat, broadband, tv-signal and the solar cells on the roof. With more than 176.000 customers spread across a 6.000 km2 area, from Limfjorden in the north to Vejle in the south, many people and companies are dependent on the multi-supply company and its 600 employees. 

- ”Ten years ago, we ’only’ sold electricity, but today we have many more products. Therefore, we have a greater need to know our customers and provide an efficient service across the company and, of course, sell more”, says marketing manager, Mille Just Haaning, EnergiMidt.



The CRM-solution has, on many levels, changed the way the employees at EnergiMidt work today. For example, it is connected with the phone system, so when customer service receives a call, the employee automatically sees the customer’s commitment, service history, solutions and current campaigns.  

Earlier, you had look through 3-4 different systems to find the same information, but today you can easily provide help. We can also quickly suggest different offers than what the customer might have when relevant, says Mille Just Haaning 

Earlier, the key account managers had to search far and wide for knowledge inside the organisation, e.g., for business customers with a large commitment; now the information is right at hand. 

– Today, we collect and update all the data in one place and customers of all kinds experience that we are far better prepared than before. No matter if it is an individual asking about a broadband bill or if it is a large company negotiating a new deal, the CRM-system makes all customer-related tasks far easier, according to Mille Just Haaning

This is because the system has an in-built customer history, so all inquiries and interactions are saved for later use, if needed, e.g., when a sales opportunity accrues at later point or if there are problems with the customer’s installation 

Similarly, the system includes a campaign section that makes it possible to view which agent handled an inquiry if a customer has provided feedback on the latest mail or phone correspondence.

– The solution provides the possibility to work with segmenting and statistics on a far more informative and professional level than earlier. Truth be told, we have gathered a large portion of knowledge, which before was scattered everywhere inside the organisation. Now, we can use that knowledge systematically for more sales, up-selling and cross-selling, says the marketing manager. 

For example, EnergyMidt uses the segmentation for targeting specific customer groups with certain campaigns – but also to increase the target groups and make them as wide as possible.

Subsequently, the campaign manager can get statistics from the system and very accurately see how successful the campaign has been. 

- Additionally, we can continually expand and adapt the system as we evolve as a company – and since we have bet on a standard based product, there are lot modules to choose from. That would not have been possible if we were provided with a tailored solution, Mille Just Haaning adds.



The joint solution has provided EnergiMidt with:

  • A far better commercial starting point for the processing of customers

  • Employees have been given a tool that makes it easier to provide service to customers. 

  • Lateral view of all customer groups

  • Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint

  • Flexible, standards-based system that facilitates expansion and maintenance
It also helped that the people from Netcompany - we had a little team sitting with us for several months –were extremely competent and good at advising on both technology and business. They were also very pleasant to work with, and they fit right in with us. That makes a lot of things easier, according to the marketing manager, speaking about the partnership with the consultants in connection with adapting and implementing of a system, which, furthermore, was put to use on the agreed deadline.
Mille Just Haaning, Marketing Manager, EnergiMidt

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Nikolai Nimann Nielsen