Bygma’s new e-commerce platform is not for amateurs

Bygma has got the best-of-class e-commerce platform targeting all of their customer groups – including private and business customers!


Bygma is the biggest Danish owned supplier to the building industry with sale and distribution of timber and building material to the professional and the private marked. 
Bygma want to establish a ”best-of-class” e-commerce experience for all of their clients, that channels the uncompromised access to craft, diligence and quality into the online channel. 



The solution should serve the business and private customers, as well as support Bygma’s business area with sale of high quality work-wear. Therefore, the solution consists of three workshops; Proff-course (B2B), Private-course (B2C) and clothes-course (B2B)

It was important to Bygma that their business customers have trust to the new solution and it meant, amongst others, that the customers get the usual prices whether it was purchased online or in the store. Also that the seller is a central part of the both the online contact form and order supplier. 

In the customary style, it is important to Bygma – beside the super buying experience – to also offer their customers unique services. Hereby, the implementation of user-friendly project management tools, that automatically collects offline and online orders in a gathered overview, as well as offers, billings and bank statements.  

As a special service for customer’s employees, Bygma developed a clothes shop, that functions as a self-service portal for purchase and ordering of work-wear. This increases the heavy administrative burden for their customers, and it offers a high individual flexibility for each of the workmen. 

To take advantage of the growing development in the private e-commerce, Bygma has developed a new private-shop. Here, the focus is on creating a top modern and user-friendly customer experience, which is necessary to compete on more competitive market. 


Built for an agile and efficient operation 

Introduction of a more dedicated PIM-system to enrich and maintenance of Bygma’s large product catalogue, which have streamlined this process massively, so a little internal team is now able to work focused on the product data in relation to getting the products presented in the best possible way for the customers. In addition to this product information can now be reused across all channels, independent of systems and thus gains also harvested in a longer term perspective.  

The technology behind the collected solution for Bygma is Episerver CMS/Commerce to e-commerce, inRiver to production information and Movex M3, as root ERP-platform. 


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Thomas Cordth