PensionDanmark - extensive self-service for customers and partners

Netcompany helps PensionDanmark develop and maintain a portfolio of ambitious, heavily-integrated self-service portals for members, companies and other partners. 


PensionDanmark has a mission of becoming Denmark’s most cost efficient pension company. An important part of the strategy was a focus on digital solutions that ensures an effective administration and a good customer service. An ambitious goal of all of PensionDanmark’s digital initiatives is that it must be possible in real time to follow ones savings, and through self-service, to perform all adjustments in savings, insurance and health services. This must be done without the users losing their track, regardless of digital channel, and regardless of whether they are using a simple or more advanced workflow.



In partnership with PensionDanmark, Netcompany has developed several web portals to cover the wide span of end users, from members and companies to employer organisation, unions, investment partners, and so on. The solution is based on Episerver CMS and uses the newest features within UX and self-service.  

One of the central solutions is the Member portal, where PensionDanmark’s 700.000 members have the ability to get an overview and make changes in their insurance policies, savings and health care deals. The portal integrates to a variety of external and internal systems, and creates a combined access point for each member.
Besides the Memberportal, Netcompany has also implemented a variety of portals:

  •  Companyportal, a counterpart to the Memberportal with focus on companies instead of members.

  •  A BI-portal that displays a variety of contract data for employers' associations and trade unions.

  •  Corporate website that is used for news and communication for media and investment partners.



Over the last three years, PensionDanmark has reduced administration costs by 25 %. This has been possible through the changing of the core system and a strong focus on digitalisation of business processes. 

A cornerstone of this process has been the raising of the digital self-service solutions to a point where members can make the same adjustments as an employee at PensionDanmark’s member services can. All this is done without compromising quality. This is clearly reflected on the annual satisfaction survey conducted by Loyalty Group International where PensionDanmark has taken first place in the last two years, amongst Danish pension companies.  

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Thomas Cordth