Netcompany launched a completely new digital register for buildings, commercial and technical infrastructure and private homes.

The Central Register of Buildings and Dwellings (BBR) specifies the property owner, the address and the physical condition of all buildings including installations, drainage and the number of bathrooms etc. Data is used for billing purposes for installation owners, such as state, regional and municipal authorities as well as utility providers and private companies, such as property companies and mortgage banks.

The Danish tax authority is responsible for the registry, and the municipalities maintain the registry information on behalf of the owners. Owners are required to keep the registry current with the actual physical condition.

Netcompany has been system vendor since 2015. In 2017 Netcompany launched a completely new register.



  • Oversee building condition to prevent large repairs
  • Ongoing control of energy usage to facilitate accurate billing
  • General control and transparency in regional and national energy usage
  • Basic data on usage for every building to help installation owners and property owners align costs and control on an ongoing basis

Jan Winther