Maersk Line

Global customer portal for Maersk Line

Maersk Line has established a global web platform that makes it easier for customers to conduct business online. The focus on effective self-service, easy and quick access to information, as well as higher relevance with a version of local language content.


Maersk Line was facing a change of their global site, With more than 250.000 global customers, Maersk Line wanted establish a platform that could support their goals of increased customer loyalty and, at the same time, increase the conversion rate for new potential customers.



Netcompany has been responsible for delivering the new customer experience platform for Maersk Line based on Sitecore. The solution covers, among other things:

  • A global site with 10 different languages, e.g., Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

  • The translation of content goes through an online translation provider – ClayTablet, that integrates directly with the Sitecore-platform.

  • The site is established with over 150 country-specific sites that presents local content merged in with the global content. The local editor has the ability, through his/her country site, to publish news, contact information, blogs, etc., and even make local adjustments to the individual pages displayed globally.

  • The solution supports the roll-out of global and local campaigns, so Maersk Line can target their campaigns to local markets.

  • The dynamic FAQ continually adjusts the ranks of the Q&A after their relevance in relation to the user’s behavior and activity. Integration with social media has also been a large focus for Maersk Line; partly through the option to post the individual sites directly onto social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and partly through the option of dragging feeds from different sources onto the site.



After the completion of the project, Maersk Line stood with a whole new global web platform that not only provides customers with a robust new self-service solution, but also provided the many content contributors and marketing employees a top-of-the-line, modern platform to control content, translations and campaigns across countries.

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Thomas Cordth