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Johannes Fog - a digital leader with B2Human e-commerce solution

Johannes Fog has, in partnership with Netcompany, developed an integrated B2B and B2C e-commerce solution with the option for personal guidance - online and in physical departments, effective product search, intelligent inventory management and much more.


Johannes Fog is one of the leading suppliers of building material to both private and professionals on Zealand, with a total of 450 employees and 10 departments. 

The building industry is rapidly developing in relation to digitalization and e-commerce, an area which Johannes Fog never fully ventured into, when the collaboration with Netcompany began. 

There was a need for establishing a brand new, radical platform that can service the various customer groups at Johannes Fog in a user-friendly manner.



Netcompany and Johannes Fog have in a close collaboration established a new B2B and B2C e-commerce platform that gives Johannes Fog a brand new and modernised e-commerce platform which offers:

  • Effective product search characterized by easy-to-find products and intuitive add-to-basket functionality. 

  • In-depth product information, that can be searched across product categories and brands, displayed in a consistent and orderly fashion. 

  • A responsive solution which functions effectively across digital channels, and prioritizes content and functionality to optimize the user experience. 

  • Intelligent availability, where the customer's physical location is used to find the nearest pick-up location where the item is in stock.

Especially for professional customers, there is established additional functionalities that enables this customer group specific needs in focus: 

  • On the front page the customer can with just 3 clicks overview and order products, or favorite order and at the same time see the nearest pickup location where the item is in stock.

  • Individual prices distributed on the customer's many accounts, which will be compared to all the products current inventory. 

  • Seller are associated with each customer when logged in. Contact details appears to the personal seller and this is reflected in all other touch points and communication with the customer 

  • Opportunity to create additional users and assign permissions and accesses, view and create delivery addresses, favorite orders, view account history, retrieve old invoices and form price list with personal and indicative prices.

  • Opportunity to collect items in a basket and then download / print a price catalogue. The price catalogue contains both the client's individual prices and Fog's recommended prices. This helps the individual builder to design offers to its customers.

Johannes Fog got a solution that automates the entire order flow. All processes are automated as much as possible. Whether the customer is private or professional, have the option of choosing Post Denmark or GLS for delivery or pickup.



Johannes Fog has received a state-of-the-art solution, where the focus has been on integrating B2B and B2C e-commerce into one combined solution, and on creating a personal customer experience. With one log-in the user can easily oversee his/her professional and private engagements.

The solution is built on EPIServer CMS and Commerce for e-commerce, inRiver for PIM and with Movex M3 as the underlying ERP platform.

Johannes Fog sets a high standard of professionalism, expertise and quality for his customers, both professional and private. In collaboration with Netcompany, we have met that standard. Netcompany has been very professional and upheld all contracts, has been a good sparring partner, and has completely ensured that we got the right start in our large gamble on moving online. It’s been very important that Johannes Fog arrive safely, and it is essential that the decisions on platform, system and strategy be challenged to come to the right choice. That is why Netcompany was chosen as partner and they have not disappointed.
Jens Sauvr, Marketing Director, Johannes Fog.

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