- The common public health portal

Netcompany has delivered an all new and improved portal in responsive design for, providing users with overview and quick access to content - also from mobile devices.

Background is a health information website and a portal for viewing journal information, and a range of other central patient data. works as an overall entrance for patients, citizens and relatives – for both personal health data and for more general information regarding health, lifestyle etc.

In the same way, health professional personnel can access a long list of data that can support them in both treatment and guidance of patients and citizens. 65 % of the Danish population know and use, and in January 2016 around 1,6 mio users visited the portal



Netcompany has taken part in the launch of an entirely new and improved portal, where citizens and health professional personnel can find information regarding health and sickness on a user-friendly surface with easy access to a search engine and main functionalities and content areas. wishes to maintain their position as the preferred digital entrance, when citizens and health professional personnel search for information and data.

The road to the new portal was not simple- is a complex health platform, a connection between the health sector and the citizen. The portal allows a consistent sharing of health data across sectors for the health professionals. Besides a deep technical expertise, the understanding of and experience with, solutions for complex business critical issues, is a necessity. This is especially important when handling personal information such as patient data. contains around 30.000 content pages/look-ups, 80 applications and collects data from 120 different data sources.



Following a restricted tender, chose Netcompany as partner to design and develop software for their new responsive portal, which also entailed a shift in technology from .NET MVC to ServiceStack and AngularJS.

The content management has been facilitated via Sitecore as content management system. Netcompany has contributed to all aspects of the development cooperation with from project management, requirement specifications and design to software development, quality control and deployment

The solution architecture was structured around micro services, ensuring flexible and independent deployable solutions.

Throughout the project cycle, Netcompany participated as an integrated part of’s own agile project management model, which was generally founded on a PRINCE2 model, with subsidiary goals being met using the Scrum model. The project was delivered in phases characterized by a high level of client participation. Specifically, the delivery consisted of 4 phases: Mobile support of the portal, the doctor and patient journal, development of applications and, lastly, further development and refinement.

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Thomas Cordth