The platform will be a starting point for many future innovative data-driven apps.

With FLIS data warehouse, all 98 municipalities are able to compare themselves across nine data areas. A part of the project was to define common and comparable key-data parameters. FLIS is designed to allow municipalities full and cost-effective access to their own data. The platform will be the starting point for many future innovative data-driven apps.

The integration engine has been extensively upgraded and the loading is therefore greatly increased. Data can be made available in as little as six hours after the data has been received.

This gives local authorities an entirely new day-to-day management tool in local government administrations. A loosely coupled architecture has been established, so new data areas may be incorporated quickly and efficiently.



  • Data is made available quickly ensuring local authorities get a relevant and effective management tool
  • Local authorities get cost-effective access to own data and therefore achieve great cost savings
  • Local authorities can compare themselves to each other, accelerating knowledge sharing and learning from each other
  • The creation of new data areas and expansion of existing areas are accelerated
  • The quality of the data received increases

Jan Winther