Authorities launch new digital solutions to assist their work in ensuring a safe and controlled reopening of Denmark after the corona crisis

In collaboration with Netcompany, the Danish authorities are now launching a new digital solution, COVIDmeter, to collect more knowledge about the Coronavirus COVID-19 in Denmark. At the same time, a new app is being developed that can be used in the government's reopening strategy.

As part of the government's strategy to ensure a controlled and responsible reopening of Danish society, the Danish health authorities are adopting new digital solutions that will enable them to see how the infection levels of coronavirus/COVID-19 are developing in Denmark.

Firstly, a new digital solution called COVIDmeter was launched, which allows Danes to contribute to the work of the health authorities. Citizens are asked to complete a digital questionnaire about the condition of their health on a weekly basis. COVIDmeter will replace the Influmeter from the State Serum Institute, which has been used for reporting symptoms until now.

Part of the purpose of the new COVIDmeter solution is to secure information that can assist the health authorities' work of ensuring a secure and data-based reopening of Danish society.

”In Denmark, we have a unique common digital infrastructure that almost all Danes know and use. These are solutions such as,, Nemid and Digital Post. These solutions provide us with a secure and proven foundation for developing new digital solutions that can support the reopening of Danish society.”

Rikke Hougaard Zeberg, Director of the Danish Agency for Digitisation

It is possible for Danes to register with the new COVIDmeter solution at
Register with COVIDmeter at

The Danish authorities have also launched the app 'Smitte|Stop' that can strengthen the health authorities' ongoing epidemiological tracking of the spread of infection, and thereby help support decisions concerning the gradual opening of society..

The app can also support appropriate behaviour among citizens, which can help minimise the spread of infection as society gradually reopens.


The Danish health authorities (Minstry of Health, National Health Data Authority and Statens Serum Institut (SSI)) and the Danish Agency for Digitisation have developed COVIDmeter together in collaboration with Netcompany.

Netcompany has developed a broad national emergency application free of charge, to be used to help support the authorities' fight against COVID-19. COVIDmeter can be used by all citizens who have a NemID.

The purpose of COVIDmeter is to collect information from Danes about disease symptoms in relation to COVID-19. The solution contains a questionnaire that is voluntary for all Danes to answer.

The information is collected for the Statens Serum Institut, which needs information about Danes' disease symptoms and the spread of COVID-19 among the population. People who have registered with COVIDmeter will answer weekly questions about their health. This enables the authorities to assess the development of the epidemic, e.g. by looking at whether the proportion of citizens who have a high temperature is increasing or decreasing. This information can be used to evaluate how many citizens are expected to require help from the healthcare system.

The scheme will be operated on a voluntary basis, where citizens over the age of 15 can download an app.

The app is bluetooth-based, using exposure notifications technology. This technique will be an essential part of transitioning back to daily life while managing the risk of further outbreaks.

The first version of the app was developed pro bono by Netcompany on its own initiative in collaboration with the health authorities and the Danish Agency for Digitisation.

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