Creating equal opportunities for the marginalised youth of Rotterdam

Everybody deserves equal opportunities no matter what their background or personal circumstances are. At Netcompany we want to support initiatives and organisations that ensure that all people have the same opportunities in life and can thrive and contribute to society.

The Rotterdamse Douwers is one of those organisations and we are happy to support and contribute to creating equal educational and career opportunities for the disadvantaged and marginalised youth of Rotterdam.

What is the Rotterdamse Douwers?

The Rotterdamse Douwers offers help to the young people in Rotterdam who do not have a support system on their own and feel excluded from social, economic, or educational opportunities. The Rotterdamse Douwers consists of a network of mentors who help get organisations, institutions and young people moving. The mentors support the young people, help them get connected and guide them in terms of their education – ensuring better opportunities for their future.

Netcompany supports the Rotterdamse Douwers and helps the youth of Rotterdam

There are over 500 voluntary mentors connected to Rotterdamse Douwers, all enthusiastic about making a difference and eager to help the youth. Two of those are our Country Managing Partner Perry van der Weyden and manager Bas Michielsen.

“Creating equal opportunities and helping those who might not have the same resources as their peers is a topic close to my heart. That is why it is important for me to be a part of Rotterdamse Douwers and help the young people of Rotterdam, so we ensure that no one is left behind, regardless of their background” – Perry van der Weyden, Country Managing Partner

Besides mentoring, Netcompany supports the Rotterdamse Douwers through various initiatives for example by offering the mentees job opportunities at Netcompany. Most recently Netcompany donated laptops to the organisation, which will be used by the young people at Rotterdamse Douwers for various purposes that will make a positive impact on their lives – such as searching for jobs, education and training or applying for benefits.

Over Netcompany

Netcompany is opgericht in 2000 en heeft zijn hoofdkantoor in Kopenhagen, Denemarken. Vandaag de dag zijn we een internationaal bedrijf met meer dan 7.400 werknemers in 17 landen. We bedienen een breed scala aan klanten tijdens hun digitale transformatietrajecten in zowel de publieke als private sector in heel Europa.

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